MNCES Proceeding 2018

No. Author Paper Title
55 Thet Paing Kyaw Win and Kyaw Linn Zaw Petrography and Petrogenesis of Granitoid Rocks and Migmatite at Kyaikkhami Area, Thanbyuzayat Township
56 Yin Kay Thwe Tun, Khaing Khaing Mon and Pyae Pyae Phyo Petrographic Analysis of Mafic and Ultramafic Rocks of Kyaukkyi Chaung Ophiolites in the Mindon Township, Magway Region, Myanmar
57 Myat Mon Mon Htet Petrogenesis and Petrochemical Characteristics of Metamorphic and Igneous Rocks at Bodawgyi Area, Madaya Township, Mandalay Region
58 Khin Thuzar Min Petrochemical Characteristics of Igneous Rocks Exposed at Nyaungwun Area, Mandalay Region
59 May Thet Aye, Myo Min Tun and Min Aung Geochemistry of Plutonic Igneous Rock Exposed at Kantha-Aungthaya Area, Thabeikkyin Township, Mandalay Region
60 Wint War Lwin Petrological Study of Volcanic Rocks of Mondaung Area, Myitthar Township, Mandalay Region
61 Cho Cho and Thet Tin Nyunt Petrology and Occurrence of Eclogite and Glaucophane-bearing Rocks Around Khamti-Natmaw Jade Mine Area, Sagaing Region
62 Kaung Htet Zaw, Nyein Chan Aung, Wai Yan Lai Aung and Thet Tin Nyunt Coexistence of Three Al2SiO5 Polymorphs and P-T Condition of Associated Rocks Around Yin Swe Area, Kyaukse Township, Mandalay Region
63 Ngu War Lwin and Thet Tin Nyunt Nature and Occurrences of Padaukkhi (Dawna) Amethyst from Padaukkhi Area, Kyainseikkyi Township, Kayin State, Myanmar
64 Pan Ei Phyu, Saw Ngwe Khaing and Myo Myint Myat Quantitative Determination and Microscopic Analysis of Heavy Minerals from the Stream Sediments along the Kun Chaung, near the Nyaungbintha Village, Yekyi Township, Ayeyarwady Region
65 Myo Myint Myat, Ohn Thwin and Than Than Oo Geochemical analysis from Rocks, Soil Samples and Stream Sediments Samples at Kwinthonze Gold Mineralization, Thabeikkyin Township, Mandalay Region
66 Ye Zaw and Aung Zaw Myint Granite-Related Tungsten-Tin Mineralization in Putletto area, Dawei Sn-W District, Southern Myanmar
67 Chaw Thuzar Win, Min Zaw Oo, Nilar Aung, Myat Sandar Oo, Thuya Oo, Zaw Win and Saw Ngwe Khaing Lithostratigraphy of the Loi-an Group, Kyatsakan and Nampandet Area, Tharzi Township, Mandalay Region
68 Nwe Nwe San Sedimentary Facies and Environments of Upper Pegu Group Exposed in the Thanbinkan-Tigyon Area , Chaung-U Township, Sagaing Region
69 Zaw Win Petrochemistry of Shale and Sandstone form Legyi Formation, Nowndwin Area, Sagaing Township
70 Pyi Soe Thein, Junji Kiyono and Tun Tun Win Development of Seismic Hazard Assessment at Mandalay City, Myanmar
71 May Myat Mon, Kyaw Zin Lat and Tun Naing Review on Past Landslides and Landslide Hazard Managements in Hakha City, Chin State, Myanmar
72 Thazin Htet Tin, Khin Kyawt Kyawt Oo and Myo Thant Development of Seismic Hazard Maps for Taungoo City, Bago Region by Utilizing the Probabilistic Method
73 Thin Thiri Chaw An Introduction to Application of Magnetometer for the Subsurface Exploration
74 Saung Hnin Wai, and Tun Naing Determination of Ground Condition in Thingangyun Township, Yangon, Based on Existing Boreholes and Microtremor Survey
75 Su Su Win, Tun Naing and Ei Mhone Nathar Myo Microtremor Survey and Analysis for Subsurface Soil Profiling in Yankin Township, Yangon
76 Zaw Lin Kyaw, Junji Kiyono and May Thet Aye Estimation of Local Site Effects by the Multiple Transfer Function Method, Case Study: Yogyakarta City, Java
77 Tun Tun Win, Myo Thant, Pyi Soe Thein and Win Min Than Estimation of Shear Wave Velocity to a Depth of 30 Meters (VS 30) Using Microtremor HVSR Method in Mandalay City
78 Khin Thet Swe, Tun Naing and Wint War Aung Determination of Horizontal to Vertical Spectral Ratio (H/V Ratio) in Bago City by Microtremor Single Station Survey
79 Kyaw Minn Minn Soe and Win Tun Deterministic Approach of Soil Liquefaction Assessment Based on Standard Penetration Test at Wadale Flume, Hlegu Township, Yangon Region
80 Kyaw Zay Ya Effectiveness of Soil Grouting Method for Urban Area
81 Kyaw Min Htike and Myint Thida Effects of Climate Change on Intensive Agriculture in Hinthada Township
82 Kyaw Linn Zaw, Ondrej Sramek, William F. Mc Donough and Fabio Mantovani Geoneutrinos: Using Particle Physic to Understand and Image the Earth
83 Myat Sandar Hla Study on Evaluation of Some Properties of Soil from Peanut Farms in Sagaing Region
84 Kyi Let Maung Electrical Properties of Pb1-xCax TiO3 (x=0.12mol) Film
85 Khin Khin Moe Tun Domination of Vertices
86 Sandar Distribution of Plant Species on Three Lithologic Units in Taungnitaung Area, Kyaukpadaung Township, Mandalay Region
87 Khin Sandar Lin, Nyi Nyi Yin and Ohn Than Arduino Based Tracking System Using GPS and GSM
88 Khin Khin Kyaw, HlaToe, Chu Pyae Moe and Hnit Thit Lwin Construction of Small Scale Wind Turbine for Rural Area Application
89 Khin Lay Nandar Aung Review on Reforestation Management and Socio-economic Status of Local Taungya Cultivators of Kaing Reserved Forest in Myanmar
90 Thant Sin Environmental Impact Assessment of Yangon Area: Land Use and Land Cover Changes
91 Aye Mon Sann, Cho Cho Thin and Shwe Wutt Hmone Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals in some Indigenous Fishes, Water and Sediments from Hinthada Environs, Ayeyarwady Region
92 Kyu Kyu Mar, Kyaw Zin Myo and Than Than Nu Assessment of Acid Mine Drainage Potential, Kyitaukpauk - Chaunggyi Area, Singu Township, Mandalay Region
93 Ei Mon Soe Petrography of the Rocks of Kugone-Kadaung Area, Nahtogyi Township
94 Khaing Zin Nwe Heavy Minerals Analysis of the Irrawaddy Formation in Kuga-Palaung Area, Pauk Township
95 Min Zaw Oo, Chaw Thuzar Win, Nilar Aung, Myat Sandar Oo and Saw Ngwe Khaing Petrographic Study of the Loi-an Group, Kyatsakan and Nampandet Area, Thazi Township, Mandalay Region
96 Paike Htwe, Aye Aye Khaing and Saw Aung Zaw Aye Porosity Analysis and Reservoir Potential of Padaung Sandstones in Nyaungnigyin Area, Chauk and Nyaung-U Township
97 Khin Chan Myae Cherry Maung Hydrogeological Characteristics of the Hmawbi Area
98 Sandy Chit Ko, Toe Zaw Naing Myint and Htun Win Evidence of Active Structural Features along the Kaladan – Mrauk-U Fault, Rakhine Coastal Region
99 Than Soe, Min Thet Naing, Than Lwin and Lae Lae Moe Foundation Treatment on Kun Dam, Kun Hydropower Project, Bago Region
100 Soe Min and Win Naing The Nature and Active Tectonic Deformation along the Northwestern Papun Fault, Taungoo District, Bago Region
101 Ei Sandar Kyaw, Soe Min and Nyan Win Geological Structure and Crustal Deformation between Sagaing Fault and its Splay, Po Kyar Sakan west of Thagaya, Bago Region
102 Tin Moe Zar Chi, Khin Pyone, Ali Akbar Khan and Than Than Nu Petrochemistry and Petrogenesis of Metamorphic Rocks Exposed at Kyaukkyi-Onbaing Area, Thabeikkyin Township, Mandalay Region
103 Mya Moe Khaing, Hla Kyi and Thein Win Petrographic Descriptions of Igneous and Metasedimentary Rocks at Bilin and its Environs, Bilin Township, Mon State
104 Theingi Oo Diagenesis and Petrogreaphy of the Kywethe Chaung Limestone, Sagaing Area, Sagaing Region
105 Saw Ngwe Khaing, Zaw Naing Oo and Soe Thura Tun Structural Deformation Style of Meiktila Area, along the Mandalay-Naypyidaw Express Car Road

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