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No. Author Paper Title
1 Yee Myo Oo Grain Size Distribution of the Damapala Formation of the Powintaung Area, Yinmarbin Township, Sagaing Region
2 Win Min Oo, Hnin Hnin Swe and Kay Khaing Yu Miocene Biostratigraphy of the Southeastern Part of Chaungtha Anticline, Sinbaungwe Township, Magway Region
3 Soe Moe Aung Petrography and Petrogenesis of Ngapyawdaw Chaung Formation exposed in Myathida Area, Indaw Township, Sagaing Region
4 Moe Thu Sint and Maung Maung Petrography and Prevenance of the Eocene Units in the Naunggauk Area, Eastern Part of Chindwin Basin
5 Shirley Nyein Stratigraphy and Petrography of Sandstones in Hainggyi Island, Ngaputaw Township, Ayeyarwaddy Region
6 Hnin Hnin Maung, Kazumi Akimoto and Khin Mar Than Occurrence of Holocene Benthic Foraminiferas in Minamata Bay, Yatsushiro Sea, Southern Japan
7 Khin Mar Than, May Si Tun, Kyu Kyu Win, Kaung Sithu Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy of the Hnget-Taung Formation, Goyangyi Kyun and Miggyaung Kyun, Ngayokekaung Area, Ngaputaw Township, Ayeyarwady Region
8 Than Soe Hlaing, Maung Maung2, Zin Maung Maung Thein and Moe Thu Sint Stratigraphy of the Plateau Limestone Group in Hsai Hkao – Papan Area, Southern Shan Plateau
9 Aye Myat Maw and Thin Thin Han Petrology and Diagenesis of Paleocene Unit Exposed in Tilin Area, Gangaw District, Magway Region
10 Aung Khin Soe Petrogenesis of Metapelitic Rocks Exposed in Ka Ka-Naung Pein-Man Hlwe Area, Katha Township, Sagaing Region
11 Tin Wah Wah Yee Petrochemical studies of igneous rocks in the Nabule area, Yebyu Township, Tanintharyi Region
12 Myo Theingi Petrology and Tectonic Significance of Basaltic Rocks from Tonnge Area, Sagaing Region
13 Min Min Khaing Petrology of Tagundaing Area, Paung Township, Mon State
14 Chaw Su Hlaing and Htay Win Petrology of the Metasedimentary Rocks of Mehaw Chaung Area, Lewe Township, Mandalay Region
15 Khine Zar Wai, Min Aung, Zin Maung Maung Thein and, Day Wa Aung Petrography and Petrogenesis of Low - Grade Metamorphic Rocks exposed at Pang Yawng Area, Kyaing Tong Township, Eastern Shan State
16 Aye Aye Mar Geology around the Natyindaung Area, Budalin Township, Sagaing Region
17 Nway Cherry Win and Thet Tin Nyunt Petrology of Metamorphic Rocks of North Eastern Part of Pyingyitaung, Singu Township, Mandalay Region
18 Zin Mar Oo Petrological and Geochemical Point of View on Kawthaung Area, Tanintharyi Region
19 Tun Tun Min and Ali Akbar Kan Geochemical Characteristics of Basalts from the Bhopi Vum Area, Tiddim Township, Chin State
20 Min Maung Maung, Sint Ohnmar and Aung Min Compositional variation and Performance Analysis of Wolframites at Dawei District
21 Soe Thu Aung, Kyaw Linn Zaw and Thet Paing Kyaw Win Geochemical Characteristics of Gold and Associated Mineralization of Padet Chaung Area, Shwegyin Township, Bago Region
22 Sanda Aye and Daywa Aung Ore Deposit Geology and Ore Mineralogy of the Tagundaing Antimony Prospects, Mudon Township, Mon State
23 Yin Mya, Ohn Thwin and Day Wa Aung Characteristics of Tin-Tungsten Mineralization at Putletto Area, Dawei Township, Tanintharyi Region
24 Thet Naing, Myo Min Tun, April Moeand Ei Mon Khaing Occurrences and Distribution of Lead and Barite Mineralization in the Wunbye Formation (Ordovician) Exposed Along Pindaya Ranges, Western Part of the Shan Plateau, Southern Shan State
25 Thein Min Swe, May Thwe Aye, Han Sein and Than Htay Carbonate rocks-hosted Lead Mineralization in Mogyo Taung – Thapanbin Area, Ywangan Township, Shan State (South), Myanmar
26 Theingi Moe Pwint Geology and Barite Mineralization of Nyaunglwet-Legyaungdaik Village, Kalaw Township, Southern Shan State
27 Myint Soe, Zaw Min Lwin, Zaw Win Lwin, Yee Yee Win, Theim Mwe Tun and Ye Myint Swe Geosite Exploration and Evaluation towards the sustainable development of Hpa an and Mawlamyine Area, Myanmar
28 Zaw Moe Lwin, and Thet Tin Nyunt Nature and Occurrence of Lead and Associated Mineralization of the BawByu-Taung and Nyaung Lwe Area, Kalaw Township, Shan State (South), Myanmar
29 Khin San Wai, Theingi Kyaw and Myo Myint Myat Systematic Investigation of Copper Mineralization at Shwelaunggyin Area, Southwestern part of the Lamyathna Towniship, Ayeyarwady Region
30 Kyin Kyin Moe Petrology of the Shwetaung Taw Area, Tada-U Township, Mandalay Region
31 Myint Myint Yee Lithofacies and Depositional Environment of the Male Formation in the Nga-O Area, Mabein Township, Northern Shan State
32 Wunna Stratigraphy and Petrography of Twinywa-Leshe Area, Kani Township, Sagaing Region
33 Naw Aye Aye Khine Minimum Average Distance (MAD) Spanning Tree of Graph
34 May Si Tun Lower Miocene Foraminifera of the Tumyaung Formation exposed in the Hnget-pauk, Taunggok and Sanywa areas, Ngaputaw Township, Ayeyarwady Region
35 Paing Soe and Kyaw Min Oo Lithofacies Analysis and Depositional Environments of Tilin Formation in Taing Da area, Mindon Township, Magway Region
36 Nandar Myint Maung and Daywa Aung Paleodepositional Environment and Sequence Stratigraphy of Moulmein Limestone in Kyauktalon Area, Mudon Township, Mon State
37 Nay Zar Zar Lin Aung and Day Wa Aung Sedimentary Facies Analysis of Upper Pegu Group in Pyawbwe Area, Minbu Township, Magway Region
38 Tun Tun Zaw and Day Wa Aung Petrography and Provenance Study of Lower Oligocene Padaung Formation in Sigaung Area, Pakokku Township, Magway Region
39 Naing Naing Oo and Khin Khin Htoot Study of Some Heavy Metals Distribution and Health Risk Assessment in Tube-well Water of Taunggyi Environs
40 Thara Phi Soe, Han New Nyein and Ei Ei Khaing Remediation of Arsenic in Tube-Well Water by Using Various Adsorbents
41 Hnin Sandar Tun, Saw Ngwe Khaing, Myat Mon Mon Htet and Ye Yint Aung Structural Analysis of Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks in Zingyaik Area, Paung Township, Mon State
42 Tun Tun Min, Thet Naing, Saw Ngwe Khaing and Han Myo Hset Active Fault Mapping and Recent Earthquake Activities of Sagaing Fault, between Latitude 19º and 20º, Pyinmana Area, Central Myanmar
43 May Thu Aung and Khin San Stratigraphy and Petrology of the Ngzu-Nyaungbindaung Area, Kalaw Township, Southern Shan State
44 Wai Wai Lwin, Day Wa Aung and Htay Lwin Microfacies Analysis of Middle Triassic of the Tigyit Area, South Shan State, Myanmar
45 Khaing Khaing Mon, Yin Kay Thwe Tun and Mya Thida Win Depositional Environment of Thanbaya Formation in the Sabadan Area, Mindon Township, Magway Region, Myanmar
46 Htay Sandar Soe, Khin San and Paing Soe Lithofacies Analysis and Depositional Environment of Okhmintaung Formation exposed at the Onhmintaung Ridge, Thayet District, Magway Region
47 Myo Myint Aung and Soe Min Lithostratigraphic Description of parts of Loi-an Group, Kalaw and Aungban Area, Southern Shan State
48 Win Lai Lai, and Soe Moe Lwin Occurrences and Distribution of Foraminifera in Pyawbwe Formation, Myinba area, Thayet Township, Magway Region
49 Mya Mya Win Sequence Stratigraphy of Silurian Nyaungbaw Formation, Kyundaing Area, Pyin Oo Lwin Township
50 Moe Zat and Day Wa Aung Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy of Letkat Formation in Kalewa-Mawleik Area, Sagaing Region
51 Zaw Lin Phyo and Moe Zat Sedimentology of Natma Formation in Paluzawa Area, Kalewa Township, Sagaing Region
52 Yar Zar Phyo and Phyu Phyu Lwin Petrological Study on Igneous, Metaigneous and Metasedimentary Rocks of Nwalabo Taung – Natkyigyaung Area, Paung Township, Mon State
53 Kyi Pyar Aung Brachiopods from the Hirnantian Stage at Shwe Thin area, Pyin Oo Lwin Township, Mandalay Region, Myanmar
54 Wai Yan Phyo, Thae Su Htwe, and Tin Aung Myint Geochemistry and Geochronology of Igneous Rocks Exposed in Tawma-Nabebin Area, Singaing Township, Mandalay Region

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