MNCES 2020

Conference Theme

The Theme of “Myanmar National Conference on Earth Sciences, 2020 (MNCES 2020)” is “Exploring the information of geology and earth sciences through comprehensive research towards the sustainable development of our unique environment”. This event tends to promote the awareness how important the research works and collaborations concerning the earth sciences; the contribution to the development projects in each sector, especially for sustainable development in every parts of the environment.
Each investigation of geology and earth sciences are primarily oriented to the history of geological (earth) processes and events including tectonic activities, sedimentation processes and depositional environments, igneous and metamorphic activities, formation processes and occurrences of the earth resources, etc. The most important role of the geoscientists and earth scientists are that to contribute the understanding on the genesis and spatial occurrences of earth resources such as industrial ore and gem minerals, hydrocarbons, geohazards and groundwater and so on. In order to successfully carry out the exploration of earth resources, it cannot be possible without geological, geochemical and geophysical methods as well.
Due to the rapid development of society, the demand of natural earth resources is speedily increased for daily life. Consequently, Mining and Exploration of resources including timber production are causing serious effects on the environment, resulting deforestation, soil erosion, landslides and flooding, finally towards the regional and global climate change. In addition, earthquake and its related disasters (i.e. tsunami and landslides) are other kinds of natural geo-disasters. Currently, geoscientists and earth scientists should be seriously performed the assessment of natural hazards/risks and environmental impacts together with disaster management investigations.

Purposes of the conference

With regards to the aims of conference, the followings are the main targets.

Scientific Sessions

  1. 1. Igneous and Metamorpic Petrology
  2. 2. Sedimentology, Stratigraphy and Paleontology
  3. 3. Mineralogy
  4. 4. Economic Geology, Mineral Exploration and Mining Engineering
  5. 5. Structural Geology and Tectonics
  6. 6. Petroleum Geology
  7. 7. Engineering Geology
  8. 8. Natural Disasters and Disaster Management
  9. 9. Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences (Climate Change, Environmental Geology)
  10. 10. Water Resource Management
  11. 11. Geoinformatics



The organizing committee urges all of geoscientists and earth scientists (professors, associate professors, and other teaching staffs), graduate students, researchers to submit the full paper rather than abstract, since all of the accepted papers will be considered to publish in the conference proceeding and journal(s).
The post graduate students are also urged to present your research (Thesis) works for either oral or poster presentation. This event is the platform to display your research work, to get the interactive discussion, suggestion, innovative ideas from leading academicians, experts, scientists and researchers.
Since, this national conference on earth sciences is tended to held annually, the conference will enhance the research activities by the collaboration of leading academicians, scientists, researchers (Professors, Associate Professors and others) under the universities and other related departments/organizations, companies/industries; and graduate students from various fields of geology and earth sciences and contribute continuously to the related sectors and even public.

Paper Submission

When the geoscientists and earth scientists submit the abstract and full paper, you need to mention the scientific session under which you want to present.

Important Dates

Abstract Submission (30 September 2020)
Paper Submission (30 November 2020)
Conference registration (15 November 2020)
Conference Dates (28 - 29 December 2020)

The abstract is required to submit to

Contact Numbers

09 42819 7075, 09 42813 2045